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Infinite Offroad (Double Helix) Whips – Not Compatible With Rock Lights




Their Double Helix version of whips offer what people may call chasing, stacking, dream or digital effect. This allows different sections of the whip to light up different colors at the same time. You can choose from hundreds of patterns, colors and effects and change these settings with the hand held remote or with the app.

This kit now includes the new bluetooth double helix controller with brake override and white override function.

Their 2nd Gen whips are extremely bright and the toughtest on the market. Infinite Offroad wraps their high density ultra-bright LED strand around an inner tube with no space allowing maximum LEDs per inch then encase. Then sealed in a high strength polycarbonate tube which gives twice the strength and protection. Check out the video showing them vs a 3lb sledge. This eliminates issues like moisture inside and broken LEDs from hitting trees, all very common with competitors shrink wrapped whips which are not fully sealed.

If an accident does happen they have the best warranty on the market! 25 yr you can break it, we replace it, un-voidable warranty at no cost to you.

These whips are manufactured with high quality spring bases & quick disconnects which allow them to absorb the stress. The bases include an industry first Viton pressure seal which keep the connection clean, limits movement and wear over time.

*Whip length is measured from the top of the whip to the bottom of the mount*

Infinite OffRoad (RGB+W) Whips (Compatible With Rock Lights)
Geiser/SD Lightbar (bar only)