Our Experience

My husband, our three kids and I moved to Northwest Arkansas six years ago looking for a change, seeking adventure and to break up the monotony of the daily. We have come to love the people, environment, spectacular scenery and SO much more that NWA has to offer. When COVID hit, we purchased our first UTV, in hopes of keeping a positive outlook as well as our sense of adventure. While lost in the woods, we stumbled across others who were our like-minded, kind of people. Over the past three years we have created some lasting friendships with our fellow riders, all through this passion for riding! This passion brought us the inspiration for starting our own UTV business. With my husband’s hard work ethic, 18+ years of solid technical and mechanical skills and my ambition and solid customer service experience, we have come to make this dream a reality, while inspiring our children to do the same with their ambitions.


Our mission is to build lasting relationships, with our partners and the local community, through honesty, integrity and reliability. By making life’s adventurous moments into lasting memories, one ride at a time.