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ATV/UTV Tire Sealant

Quad Boss Tire Sealant (32oz)

The perfect remedy for a tire that might have received the worst of it after a rough ride. Seals up to 1/2″ puncture in the tread and 1/4″ puncture in the sidewall. Stops bead leaks and pinhole leaks in rims. Will not solidify or freeze (above -33°F); will not rust steel, corrode aluminum wheels or clog valve core. Works for the life of the tire. All tires installed with QuadBoss Tire Sealant are covered by a Flat-Free Guarantee.

Notes: Not recommended for extreme high-speed competitive applications.

Environmentally benign and water washable
Dirt Bike Tire requires 4-8 oz. per tire
Sport ATV Tire 9-10″ requires 16 oz. per tire
Utility ATV/UTV Tires 8-15″ require 32 oz. per tire.
Retail priced individually
Made in USA.





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